Document Automation Case Study for BPOs & Service Providers

BPO Claims Processing Case Study

Case study about BPO claims processing shows how Parascript reduced labor-intensive tasks by 50 percent, saving the client $1.2M US each year.

Meeting CMO Challenges | Data, Analytics & Creating Insight

Customer analytics are quickly transforming how companies do…

Misplaced Data Quality Priorities – OCR Accuracy vs. System Performance

Explore the key areas that end user organizations should consider as they think through how to evaluate their data quality in document processing.
5 Reasons Improving Data Quality Matters to BPOs and Enterprise Companies

Key Reasons Data Quality Matters to Outsourcers & Enterprise Companies

Find out how improving data quality helps BPOs and RCM companies in this industry briefing from John Mancini, AIIM President.

Leveraging Truth Data to Improve Recognition - Best Practices

Parascript technology solutions reduce manual data entry while simultaneously increasing accuracy and boosting productivity. Different tasks require different levels of accuracy to achieve accepted results. These best practices focus on establishing meaningful confidence values, thresholds and ground truth data.

Improve ICR Recognition and Capture Accuracy By Applying Context - Best Practices

Best Practices: Improve ICR Recognition and Capture Accuracy By Applying Context