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FormXtra.AI 7.6 Overview & Demo

FormXtra.AI 7.6 Overview & Demo Latest Capabilities

See the newest FormXtra.AI 7.6 Smart Learning capabilities with overview and demo. Find out about handwriting recognition using deep learning.
SIG Webinar: Accelerate Your DX Success

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Success: How to Address Cognitive Automation Challenges

Find out how to accelerate your Digital Transformation by successfully addressing cognitive automation challenges in this webinar now available on-demand.
STP for Mortgages: Watch This Webinar Now
Capture Leaders & Their Projects Webinar

Advanced Capture Leaders & Their Projects | Survey Results Webinar

This AIIM Webinar presents results from a survey of 100 top Capture Leaders about advanced capture and their document processing automation.
Mortgage Classification Webinar - Watch Now

Mortgage Document Classification Webinar | Boost Throughput 30%

Mortgage Document Classification Automation webinar: find out how to boost your loan throughput by 30% with key strategies based on real use cases.
FormXtra.AI Overview with Demo Webinar

FormXtra.AI Overview with Demo | Webinar

FormXtra.AI Overview with Demo How Zero Configuration Capabilities…
Digital Transformation Webinar Available On-demand

Digital Transformation Demystified: Practical Strategies Webinar

Digital Transformation demystified--what does it mean to be digitally transformed, and how do you define the most critical tasks, prioritize and fund them?

Digital Darwinism: Real Digital Transformation for Your Automation Projects | AIIM Webinar

Digital Darwinism webinar available on-demand - Find out about real digital transformation for your automation projects here.