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Parascript offers comprehensive document classification, data location, extraction and validation technologies to meet the varying needs of our BPOs, service providers, system integrators, VARs and OEMs.



FormXtra.AI® offers true unattended document automation used by business service providers, system integrators, value-added resellers and original equipment manufacturers that simplifies document processing to deliver increased productivity and reduced costs.


AddressParcel® incorporates advanced OCR and ICR technology that enables postal and shipping agencies to process higher volumes of parcel addresses more effectively.


AddressScript® is a universal OCR and ICR technology that is used by high-volume mailers and postal operators to automate recognition for addresses on letters, flats and parcels.


CheckXpert.AI® represents the latest advancements of deep learning applied to the challenge of payment processing. It offers superior check recognition with the highest read rates reducing costs by more than 80% over other available check recognition solutions.


CheckPlus® enables solutions that require complete check processing from a single recognition toolkit that integrates check recognition, forms recognition and signature verification.

CheckPlus International

CheckPlus® International enables check processing with an adaptable architecture to meet country-specific formats, backgrounds and writing styles to enable check processing solutions for multiple countries from within a single API.


CheckStock® protects against check forgeries by verifying all preprinted stock objects on business and personal checks and Image Replacement Documents (IRDs).


CheckUltra® is a check recognition toolkit providing the highest read rates and accuracy for courtesy amount (CAR), legal amount (LAR), comparison of CAR and LAR, and magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) available on the market.


CheckUsability® validates image integrity for instant check verification that combines image quality and usability techniques.


InMailRouter® enables companies to significantly improve the speed and accuracy of their mail processing and reduce data entry costs.


SignatureOnline® verifies and detects signature discrepancies through online applications to help businesses and organizations fight signature fraud.


SignatureXpert® provides signature verification for unprecedented accuracy. It enables signature authentication in applications including check processing, loan origination, voting by mail, and countless other uses where it is crucial to detect signature fraud.


StampVerify® is an image-based indicia identification and detection system that minimizes accidental or intentional postage misuse.

Technology Solutions

AR/AP & Expense Management

Parascript enables STP to speed the processing of payments and other transactions. Parascript technology drives the elimination of both manual data entry and complex document processing problems.

  • High Volume Document Processing

  • Invoices, receipts, remittances, checks and more

  • Structured, Semi-Structured and Unstructured Documents

Banking & Finance

Parascript offers a wide range of document automation solutions for needs ranging from high volume check processing to complex loan applications. Parascript also supports compliance and risk reduction through our automation of complex document analysis.

  • Highly Accurate Check Recognition

  • Fraud Prevention

  • Mobile Onboarding

  • Loan and Mortgage Application Processing

Healthcare & Insurance

Streamline your document capture processes and reduce your staff’s manual tasks with Parascript automation so that data from claims, EOBs, invoices and other forms are all automatically added to your business systems.

  • Highest Quality B&W Claims Capture in Industry

  • Claims, EOBs, Checks & Forms Capture

  • Document Classification Made Easy


Parascript offers a wide range of document processing and automation capabilities for federal, state and local government that improve access to key data while simultaneously reducing costs and improving efficiency for form processing, vote-by-mail and petition automation.

  • Advanced ballot processing

  • Petition Automation

  • Form Data Extraction & Classification

Logistics & Transportation

Parascript software automatically extracts business-ready data from documents to improve shipment visibility and eliminate slow, error-prone manual data entry. Shippers, carriers and other partners all provide documents. and using Parascript software, you can automatically access this quality data for your business systems.

  • Streamline your document-intensive workflow

  • Single platform with Flexible implementation

  • Greater Access to Quality Data

Mail & Post Automation

Parascript helps high-volume mailers, postal operators, major corporations and government agencies (including the United States Postal Service) to streamline and automate the sortation of the full mail stream, including letters, flats, parcels, forwarded mail, business reply mail, and bundles.

  • Integrated Address Location and Recognition

  • Inbound and Outbound Mail Sorting

  • Indicia Recognition

Parascript Services

Parascript offers its computer vision and machine learning expertise as a service to consult on various applications for a broad range of uses. To ensure the success of your project, Parascript implements an innovative approach to technology management and implementation that includes an established project management framework and solution development process.

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