Parascript Brings New Features to FormXtra

Parascript today unveiled significant new capabilities available in FormXtra 6.3. that enable companies to process documents all within the same workflow at unprecedented levels of performance.

Boise Technology Show Proves to be a Must-Attend Event

Boise Technology Show offered attendees a unique opportunity to network, meet the Parascript team, and gain insights from business leaders

Portfolio Items

Data Science Advanced Capture eBook

Data Science with Advanced Capture eBook

Data Science with Advanced Capture examines how to attain unattended document automation with high accuracy leveraging data science.
Capture Leaders & Their Projects Webinar

Advanced Capture Leaders & Their Projects | Survey Results Webinar

This AIIM Webinar presents results from a survey of 100 top Capture Leaders about advanced capture and their document processing automation.
Digital Workforce Survey Results eBook

2019 Digital Workforce Survey Results eBook | AIIM Survey

This ebook provides the results of the AIIM digital workforce survey with 100 top Capture Leaders discussing their document processing automation.
Smart Learning or Machine Learning Primer

Smart Learning Primer | Expert Systems vs Machine Learning

Smart Learning Primer provides the differences between expert systems vs machine learning, smart learning benefits and how it's applied across industries.

Parascript FormXtra.AI Module for Kofax Capture

Parascript’s FormXtra Module for Kofax Capture provides the most comprehensive data location and extraction capabilities available. Kofax Capture users can now process a wide range of applications, from unconstrained and unstructured handwriting recognition to automatic signature location and verification.