AIIM | The Digital Landfill | Guest Post - Digital Transformation: Adapt Your Business Environment

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BPOs: The Future of Document Processing is Automation

Parascript recently collaborated on a survey of the top 50 Business Processing Outsource executives on how their companies manage document processing.

Parascript and Softline Announce Global Strategic Partnership

Parascript and Softline today announced a global strategic partnership to deliver document processing solutions powered by machine learning. Softline is the first partner to implement Parascript document processing automation in Russia.

Parascript Announces Survey Results of Top BPOs

2017 Survey of the top BPOs reveals industry’s current risk mitigation approaches and new growth strategies for document processing.

The Data Center Journal | Automation Spawns New Jobs and Takes Old Ones

Automation is about consistency, error reduction and access to new capabilities. When evaluating the potential for automation, we should consider four major areas.

Laserfiche Empower 2015 Highlights Innovation and Shifts in Customer Needs

Laserfiche Empower 2015 highlighted changing customer needs and provided an excellent showcase for customers employing cutting edge technologies, such as the Parascript application platform, as part of their innovative business process strategies.

"Forming a Technology Partnership" in Credit Union Business Magazine

Forming a technology partnership with Parascript, Antuary & NBT allowed America First Credit Union to benefit from an integrated solution.

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