Parascript Offers New Disruptive Pricing Model

Parascript Offers New Disruptive Pricing Model

Parascript just launched a new pricing model that enables clients and partners to pay only for the data that is automated—transforming the competitive landscape of the data capture industry.

Outsource Magazine: RPA, its future and you - surprising revelations

Outsource Magazine shares some interesting insights about Robotic Process Automation and document processing in this article.

Branch Transformation in Our Connected World

Payment by check may be viewed as passé by many, but use of checks is still quite large with over 50 percent of total B2B payments still made by check.

Parascript Honored by KMWorld “100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management”

Parascript honored for second year running by KMWorld.
Parascript Launches Document Capture with Advanced Machine Learning

Parascript Launches First Document Capture with Advanced Machine Learning

Parascript, the pioneer in data extraction powered by machine…

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Misplaced Data Quality Priorities – OCR Accuracy vs. System Performance

Explore the key areas that end user organizations should consider as they think through how to evaluate their data quality in document processing.

FormXtra.AI Overview 4-Minute Demo

FormXtra Capture and recognition extracts machine print, hand print, and cursive handwriting data from all types of documents, powered by machine learning.

Data Quality - Myths and Realities eBook

eBook provides the fundamentals for understanding what to look for and how to achieve high data quality while eliminating myths and facing realities.

Parascript Claims Data Extraction

Parascript offers a single platform that can help you to improve efficiency, reduce risk and lower costs for your medical claims processing.