Parascript & BRYJ partner to bring advances in document automation to healthcare

Parascript & BRYJ Partner to Bring Advances in Document Automation to Healthcare

Parascript and BRYJ partner to ensure the healthcare industry gains access to the most advanced documen automation leveraging machine learning.
KMWorld Trendsetting Product of 2019

KMWorld Recognizes FormXtra.AI as Trend-Setting Product

Parascript, automating data extraction from over 100 billion documents annually, announces KMWorld recognized FormXtra.AI as a 2019 Trendsetter.

Make Your Digital Transformation a Success: Sidestep High Failure Rates | Future of Sourcing

Find out how to avoid the high failure rates of many digital transformation projects.
RPA, Its Future and You | FoS Magazine

RPA, Its Future and You | Future of Sourcing Magazine

Less than 2% of the global outsourcing market is affected by robotic process automation (RPA), but RPA growth is projected to be exponential. Find out why.
Looking Beyond Paperless: Tactics to Consider

Looking Beyond Going Paperless - Three Transformational Tactics - Briefing by John Mancini

AIIM surveyed 152 companies and found that 75% view process automation as "important" or "very important"; key tactics for transformation are explored here.

Portfolio Items

Automation Strategies for Unstructured Documents

Automation Strategies for High Variance & Unstructured Documents

Automation Strategies for Dealing with High Variance and Unstructured Documents eBook examines the types of document variance & options for automation.
Document Processing Approaches for BPOs eBook

Document Processing Approaches for BPOs eBook

Document Processing: Approaches for BPOs eBook explores all options from manual handling to document automation.
Building Bespoke Document Automation Solution

Building Bespoke Document Automation: The Challenges

Build a Bespoke Document Automation solution or buy one? Here's an overview of the most common challenges in creating a custom document automation solution.

Document Automation at the Core of Cognitive RPA | SIG Webinar

Document automation is core to cognitive RPA. Find out how in…