FormXtra.AI with Zero Configuration

Parascript Delivers Fully-Automated Configuration for Advanced Capture

Parascript announces the availability of FormXtra.AI with Zero Configuration resulting in practically eliminating any upfront time and effort.
Parascript Launches Document Capture with Advanced Machine Learning

Parascript Launches First Document Capture with Advanced Machine Learning

Parascript, the pioneer in data extraction powered by machine…

Parascript Recommends Conference on Computer Vision

Deep learning is the main platform for computer vision research today and widely discussed for multiple applications.

Automating Automation: Machine Learning Behind the Curtain

RPA is the antidote to rote work or our worst nightmare. In fact, RPA leverages AI to streamline manual processes with interesting results.

Portfolio Items

Digital Transformation Demystified eBook

Digital Transformation demystified eBook focuses on what it means to be digitally transformed and how to prioritize the most difficult DX tasks.
Smart Learning Leveraging FormXtra.AI download library

Smart Learning Leveraging FormXtra.AI | Machine Learning

Document Processing: Approaches for BPOs eBook explores all options from manual handling to document automation.

Data Interpretation eBook

This eBook provides the fundamentals for understanding when OCR technology is most useful, its strengths and its limitations. And then, it focuses on advanced data interpretation systems powered by machine learning that offer document classification, data extraction and interpretation and what precisely that means to the business.

FormXtra.AI Overview 4-Minute Demo

FormXtra Capture and recognition extracts machine print, hand print, and cursive handwriting data from all types of documents, powered by machine learning.

Data Quality - Myths and Realities eBook

eBook provides the fundamentals for understanding what to look for and how to achieve high data quality while eliminating myths and facing realities.