SiliconIndia Magazine: Signature Verification Gets Smarter with AI

Advanced signature verification software can match—and can even be superior to—human skills in verifying signature authenticity.

IT Business Net: AI Gets Smarter, Faster with You

Insights into AI: Whether you realize it or not, you are part of the big and ever-more important world of artificial intelligence.

Outsource Magazine: RPA, its future and you - surprising revelations

Outsource Magazine shares some interesting insights about Robotic Process Automation and document processing in this article.

Parascript Named to KMWorld’s 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management

KMWorld Magazine names Parascript to 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management.

USPS Awards Parascript Contract for OCR to Support Automated Parcel Bundle Sorting at USPS Facilities throughout the United States

Parascript to provide 191 OCR units to automatically locate and recognize destination addresses on parcels and bundled mail, and output finalized address information

Portfolio Items

Data Interpretation eBook

This eBook provides the fundamentals for understanding when OCR technology is most useful, its strengths and its limitations. And then, it focuses on advanced data interpretation systems powered by machine learning that offer document classification, data extraction and interpretation and what precisely that means to the business.

Misplaced Data Quality Priorities – OCR Accuracy vs. System Performance

Explore the key areas that end user organizations should consider as they think through how to evaluate their data quality in document processing.

Data Quality - Myths and Realities eBook

eBook provides the fundamentals for understanding what to look for and how to achieve high data quality while eliminating myths and facing realities.

Parascript Claims Data Extraction

Parascript offers a single platform that can help you to improve efficiency, reduce risk and lower costs for your medical claims processing.