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2018 Document Automation at the Core of Cognitive RPA | SIG Webinar

Document automation is core to cognitive RPA. Find out how in…
Document Automation Core to RPA eBook

Document Automation at the Core of Cognitive RPA eBook

This eBook discusses document automation core to cognitive RPA--robotic process automation--with use cases in financial, healthcare and insurance industries.

Document Automation at Core of Cognitive RPA | Brochure

Place Parascript self-learning document automation at the core of your cognitive Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Enable your complex document-based processes to access key data.

Document Processing Automation | Robotic Process Automation

This eBook provides an overview of robotic process automation (RPA) and what role data extraction plays in RPA. The Process Map for RPA and Data Extraction reveals via diagram where advanced data extraction fits within an RPA platform, reaching far beyond OCR technologies.