Document Processing Fundamentals eBook | Data Extraction

Document Processing Fundamentals with Applied Artificial Intelligence

This eBook outlines the principles of advanced data extraction with its beginnings in Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and delves into the practical challenges typically faced by organizations. Advanced data extraction translates into significant savings for organizations when they are able to achieve a certain level of speed and accuracy. This guide provides the groundwork for organizations to achieve the best possible results in their document classification and data extraction processes by approaching the challenges holistically. Issues of accuracy, error rates, measurement, truth data and more are explored in this guide. This eBook provides the following:

  • * History of Capture
  • * Capture and Recognition Strategies
  • * Moving Beyond OCR
  • * Measuring Accuracy
  • * Reducing Error Rates
  • * Establishing Ground Truth
  • * Data Extraction Accuracy
  • * Finding the Optimal Tradeoff

Download this Data Extraction Fundamentals with Applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning eBook for the best tools to leverage advanced capture for your organization!