Parascript Solutions by Industry

Streamline Your Operations with Intelligent Document Processing Automation.


Achieve high levels of true unattended document automation with Parascript. Processing documents efficiently and with high accuracy is critical for your business. Leverage Parascript for your  straight through processing with the highest quality results in document classification, data location, extraction and validation.

AR/AP and Expense Management

AR/AP & Expense Management

Deploy your own digital document automation workforce using Parascript FormXtra.AI and our other pre-tuned document automation SDKs. Parascript enables STP to speed the processing of payments and other transactions. Parascript technology automates manual data entry.

  • High Volume Document Processing

  • Invoices, receipts, remittances, checks and more

  • Structured, Semi-Structured and Unstructured Documents

Healthcare & Insurance

Streamline your document capture processes and reduce your staff’s manual tasks with Parascript automation so that data from claims, EOBs, invoices and other forms are all automatically added to your business systems.

  • Highest Quality B&W Claims Capture in Industry

  • Easily process your Claims, EOBs, Checks & Forms

  • Document Classification Made Easy



Parascript offers a wide range of document processing and automation capabilities for federal, state and local government that improve access to key data while simultaneously reducing costs and improving efficiency for form processing, vote-by-mail and petition automation.

  • Accurate, rapid ballot processing automation

  • Automate your petition processing with signature checking

  • Form Data Extraction & Classification

Mail & Post Automation

Mail & Post Automation

Parascript helps high-volume mailers, postal operators, major corporations and government agencies (including the United States Postal Service) to streamline and automate the sortation of the full mail stream, including letters, flats, parcels, forwarded mail, business reply mail, and bundles.

  • Integrated Address Location and Recognition

  • Inbound and Outbound Mail Sorting

  • Indicia Recognition

Banking and Finance

Banking & Finance

Parascript offers a wide range of document automation solutions from high volume check processing to complex loan application processing and mortgage document classification. Parascript supports compliance and risk reduction via automation of complex document analysis.

  • Highly Accurate Check Recognition and Fraud Prevention

  • Mobile Onboarding

  • Loan and Mortgage Application Processing

Parascript for BPOs and Service Providers

BPOs & Service Providers

Add cognitive document automation to your digital workforce services with the most efficient and accurate advanced capture. Our straight through processing enhances the competitiveness of your solution offerings.

  • Easily configure and optimize your document automation tasks

  • Ensure SLAs are met with high quality data results

  • Reduce your manual processes

Logistics & Transportation

Logistics & Transportation

Automatically extract business-ready data from documents from shippers, carriers and other partners to improve shipment visibility and eliminate slow, error-prone manual data entry. Easily access this quality data for your business systems.

  • Streamline document-intensive workflows

  • Single platform with Flexible implementation

  • Greater Access to Quality Data

Cognitive RPA

Cognitive RPA

Put Parascript Smart Learning digital workers to work on your complex document-oriented RPA processes. Parascript software enables your RPA software to access key data necessary for successfully and efficiently completing key document processing tasks.

  • Highly Accurate Handwriting Recognition

  • Processes structured to unstructured documents

  • Adapts to changing streams of documents

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