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Automate your data entry and modernize your document processing with Parascript Digital Workers.

Parascript machine learning document automation software delivers the highest accuracy and straight through processing rates for nonhuman interaction in the industry. Parascript Smart Learning software products currently process over 100 billion documents per year. Accelerate your document processes and help eliminate manual data entry with the highest quality results.

Document Processing

FormXtra.AI Capture

FormXtra.AI Capture

FormXtra.AI Capture is an easy-to-use document classification, data location, extraction and validation solution that uses Smart Learning  to reduce upfront and ongoing configuration to minutes instead of months. FormXtra.AI significantly reduces the complexity and costs associated with document classification and data extraction by automatically configuring image perfection, classification and data extraction rules.

FormXtra.AI SDK

FormXtra.AI SDK

Parascript FormXtra.AI SDK is the core document automation engine that powers FormXtra.AI Capture. It supports the widest range of document and data types in the market from structured forms to unstructured documents that include text, handwriting, cursive and signatures. All configurations are managed by Smart Learning which significantly reduces cost and complexity associated with initial and ongoing configuration and tuning. FormXtra.AI SDK supports both tightly-coupled integrations using .NET APIs as well as service-based integrations supporting both REST and SOAP.


FormXtra.AI SDK for Invoices

FormXtra.AI SDK for Invoices processes highly-variant invoices far beyond any Optical Character Recognition application program interface (invoice OCR API). This invoice recognition software, powered by Smart Learning, easily extracts complex data from highly varied, multifaceted business invoices.

FormXtra.AI SDK for Receipts

FormXtra.AI SDK for Receipts offers the industry’s most accurate receipt data extraction. Automatically classify, locate and extract all key data (including handwritten tips and totals) from your receipts captured using desktop scanners, portable scanners and mobile devices for your expense management, taxes and purchasing analysis.

FormXtra.AI SDK for Claims

FormXtra.AI SDK for Claims significantly improves drop-out and black-and-white claims recognition while helping you reduce costs and remain compliant with privacy regulations. Parascript offers virtual drop-out for claims processing that has set a new standard for classification and recognition for black-and-white claims, overcoming image quality and scaling challenges.

Parascript Document Classification

Our software easily classifies and separates your documents to support  loan applications, compliance, discovery, data management applications and more. It automatically learns the key features that can be used to reliably identify one document from another based on examples of your documents.



AddressParcel® incorporates cognitive technologies along with advanced OCR and ICR that automatically locates and parses mailing labels on any type of package, enabling postal and shipping agencies to process higher volumes of parcel addresses more effectively.


InMailRouter® enables companies to significantly improve the speed and accuracy of their mailroom processing by providing key mailstop routing information.


AddressScript® is a universal OCR and ICR technology that is used by high-volume mailers and postal operators to automate recognition for addresses on letters, flats and parcels.



CheckXpert.AI® represents the latest advancements of deep learning applied to the challenge of payment processing. It offers superior check recognition with the highest read rates reducing costs by more than 80% over other available check recognition solutions.


Enable real-time mobile deposit with the mobile-friendly features of CheckUltra. CheckUltra is a check recognition SDK providing a unique blend of high read rates for CAR/LAR/MICR along with CAR/LAR mismatch detection, as well as key usability analysis identifying presence or absence of backside endorsement and date.


CheckPlus® enables solutions that require complete check processing from a single recognition toolkit that integrates check recognition, forms recognition and signature verification.

CheckPlus International

CheckPlus® International enables check processing with an adaptable architecture to meet country-specific formats, backgrounds and writing styles to enable check processing solutions for multiple countries from within a single API.


CheckUsability® validates image integrity for instant check verification that combines image quality and usability techniques.


CheckStock® protects against check forgeries by verifying all preprinted stock objects on business and personal checks and Image Replacement Documents (IRDs).


SignatureXpert® provides signature verification for unprecedented accuracy. It enables signature authentication in applications including check processing, loan origination, voting by mail, and countless other uses where it is crucial to detect signature fraud.


SignatureOnline® verifies and detects signature discrepancies through online applications to help businesses and organizations fight signature fraud.

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