We offer better performance, dramatically simpler configuration and comprehensive data support built-in to our software. Most importantly, we are exclusively partner focused.

Parascript focuses on developing high-performing document automation software, leaving the key customer ownership—including implementation and support—to our partners. We foster truly symbiotic relationships with:

  • Collaborative engagement ensures your clients are happy.
  • Proactive product roadmap that is made with your input.
  • High-touch product support from initial inquiry to post-implementation.

Partners-First Program

  • Best Performance Available

    In head-to-head comparisons, Parascript software outperforms leading solutions on document classification and data extraction

  • Comprehensive Data Support Built-In

    Parascript software supports data types from basic text to cursive, from simple to unstructured documents

  • High Performance, Extendable API

    Automatically configures rules and learns to improve performance and is available as an SDK or an intelligent capture, thin client, n-tier solution

  • Dramatically Simpler Configuration

    Parascript accomplishes configuration in minutes compared to 100s of hours required by leading solutions

  • Smart Learning-Enabled Auto-Tuning

    Using real machine learning, Parascript software curates production output to automatically tune the software

  • Knowledge and Experience

    Parascript has been providing and licensing high-performing solutions for over 30 years to the largest organizations with 4 billion pages processed annually