Parascript Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Parascript offers its computer vision and machine learning expertise as a service to consult on various applications for a broad range of uses from dynamic data location and extraction of information on complex documents, the application of predictive models to identify key trend indicators based upon your document data, to mobile capture of documents for automated data entry and straight-through processing.

Parascript Data Verification Services

Data Verification Services

Parascript advanced document automation combined with sophisticated 1-to-1matching and verification workflow can identify any supporting document you import and verify it against a system of record or other verification data. Our machine learning-based template-less approach to document identification and data verification processes complex support documentation such as invoices, purchase orders, EOBs, and receipts and delivers a high degree of verification precision, often removing 80% or more of the manual process.

Parascript Educational Services

Educational Services

To fully leverage your Parascript software investment, we offer comprehensive educational services that are optimized to ensure the maximum level of understanding. Parascript offers three types of education:

  • Scheduled classroom sessions
  • Custom onsite training
  • Computer-based training at your own pace
Parascript Support Services

Support Services

Parascript provides support services designed to assist you in every step of your implementation and operational journey. As part of your term license, trained staff provide guidance on the functionality of our software, integration possibilities, and basic configurations.

Support services are available for software releases based upon specific timeframes which are intended to provide IT professionals with clear timelines that they can trust in order to plan for future needs.

Parascript Accelerator Program

Parascript® Accelerator Program

The Parascript Accelerator Program means process automation at little to no upfront cost and no risk to you. We get paid based on achieving automation milestones that translate into proven, verifiable results.

Our value is proven prior to payment and software performance can be guaranteed throughout our partnership.