Automate Any Document-intensive Process No Matter the Complexity

Parascript offers the only fully-automated intelligent document automation platform that configures itself and continues to adapt without requiring expensive technical skills. Get more done with less cost and complexity.

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Medical Record Retrieval and Analysis

Streamline the process of record retrieval including the ability to analyze and burst charts to support auditing and compliance.

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Health Plan Analysis

Analyze and convert complex plan contracts and summaries into structured data ready for auto-adjudication.

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Prior Authorization Document Automation

Easily classify, organize, and analyze PA supporting documentation to accelerate the review process.

Digital Insurance: Intelligent Document Processing

Streamline your document-based insurance data and reduce manual tasks – augmenting your workforce – with Parascript automation so that data from prior authorization requests, claims, and medical records are all automatically added to your business systems. Using advanced text analysis and computer vision, Parascript software significantly improves data quality results while helping to improve quality of care through continuous access to unstructured data. .

Many document-based tasks can be 100% automated with no review. Other tasks are realized through “assistive automation” that enables a reviewer to be much more productive. The result is a more efficient, quicker and controllable process.

  • Advanced Analytics Wrangles Complex Data

    Whether the data you need is associated with diagnoses, treatment, or plan-based reimbursement, advanced analysis using deep learning and natural language processing converts complex information into actionable, structured data.

  • Assistive Automation Accelerates the Review Process

    Assisted automation aids medical staff reviewing medical records by analyzing and presenting the key information needed to make assessments.

  • Automate Data Validation of Both Hybrid and Administrative Data

    Administrative data can easily be compared and validated with hybrid data. Specific information is identified and compared automatically, significantly reducing the amount of staff time typically required.

  • Achieve Higher Performance with Smart Learning

    Smart Learning is Parascript's proprietary adaptive self-learning platform that enables higher performance, accuracy and automation without the investment in time and skills typical of automation software.

  • Embrace Handwritten Information

    Extend hybrid data analysis to handwritten information, whether from forms or even unstructured notes and correspondence.

  • Faxed Documents Processed with EDI Reliability

    Parascript's advanced image perfection including Virtual Drop-out turns hard-to-process faxed documentation into high-quality, structured data with few exceptions.

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