Parascript and Automation Anywhere Partner

Parascript Establishes Technology Alliance with Automation Anywhere

New technology alliance between Parascript and Automation Anywhere gives businesses access to advanced RPA with Smart Learning Capture. Find out why.

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Hope for Paws, WesTech and Parascript

WesTech Automates Hope For Paws’ Donation Processing Using Parascript Software

WesTech improves Hope for Paws’ Donation Processing by using Parascript payment solutions software powered by machine learning.

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Precodata and Parascript Partner

Parascript & Precodata Partner to Offer the #1 Signature Verification & Checking Solutions

Precodata, a leading banking solutions provider in South America, selected Parascript technology solutions as part of its offerings.

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graphic of France and bank cheques

Parascript Launches CheckXpert.AI International France

Parascript releases the next edition to the CheckXpert.AI family: CheckXpert.AI for France with better than human accuracy and speed in check processing.

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Parascript KMWorld Trendsetting product of 2019

KMWorld Recognizes FormXtra.AI as Trend-Setting Product

Parascript, automating data extraction from over 100 billion documents annually, announces KMWorld recognized FormXtra.AI as a 2019 Trendsetter.

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Make Your DX a Success with Parascript

Make Your Digital Transformation a Success: Sidestep High Failure Rates | Future of Sourcing

Find out how to avoid the high failure rates of many digital transformation projects.

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Parascript Named Major Contender by Everest Group in 2019

Everest Group Recognizes Parascript as a “Major Contender”

Everest Group’s Intelligent Document Processing Products PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2019 recognizes Parascript as a Major Contender.

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RPA, Its Future and You - Future of Sourcing Article

RPA, Its Future and You | Future of Sourcing Magazine

Less than 2% of the global outsourcing market is affected by robotic process automation (RPA), but RPA growth is projected to be exponential. Find out why.

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CheckXpert.AI Reads Checks with Better than Human Accuracy

New CheckXpert.AI Reads Checks at Better than Human Speed and Accuracy

Parascript today launched CheckXpert.AI that reads check amounts and MICR with better than human speed and accuracy.

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Parascript Named by KMWorld 2019 in 100 Companies that Matter in KM

KMWorld Honors Parascript Knowledge Management Solutions in 2019

Parascript has been selected by KMWorld as one of the top 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management in 2019 for the fourth consecutive year.

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Parascript Launches FormXtra.AI Smart Learning

Parascript Launches FormXtra.AI Smart Learning 7.5

Parascript launches FormXtra.AI Smart Learning 7.5 that includes deep learning handwriting recognizers & advanced machine learning document classification.

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Thinking Differently about RPA

Thinking Differently About Robotic Process Automation

Is RPA adoption everything enterprises need to automate their business processes? Let the real RPA please stand up. Find out more here.

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