The Data Center Journal | Automation Spawns New Jobs and Takes Old Ones

Automation is about consistency, error reduction and access to new capabilities. When evaluating the potential for automation, we should consider four major areas.

DOCUMENT STRATEGY - Automated Document Capture: Managing 4 Levels of Process Complexity

Dealing with multiple document types in document capture automation creates complexity, which requires four major management strategies.
Solsoft leverages Parascript to provide automated transaction solutions

Solsoft Leverages Parascript to Provide Automated Transaction Solutions

Solsoft transaction solutions, which integrate Parascript check processing and signature verification, will expand from Ecuador to all of Central America.
Parascript Offers New Disruptive Pricing Model

Parascript Offers New Disruptive Pricing Model

Parascript just launched a new pricing model that enables clients and partners to pay only for the data that is automated—transforming the competitive landscape of the data capture industry.

SiliconIndia Magazine: Signature Verification Gets Smarter with AI

Advanced signature verification software can match—and can even be superior to—human skills in verifying signature authenticity.

IT Business Net: AI Gets Smarter, Faster with You

Insights into AI: Whether you realize it or not, you are part of the big and ever-more important world of artificial intelligence.

Loyalty 360 | Hidden Factor Impacting Loyalty Marketing: Data Quality

Most loyalty marketers have real concerns about the quality of their data and this article exposes why and options for improving that data quality.

Parascript and Volpara Establish Partnership for Improved Early Cancer Detection

Parascript today announced its partnership with Volpara Solutions to provide complementary early cancer detection solutions.

Outsource Magazine: RPA, its future and you - surprising revelations

Outsource Magazine shares some interesting insights about Robotic Process Automation and document processing in this article.