Parascript Success-based Pricing


Parascript partners with qualified enterprises that process large amounts of documents or outsource this work to ensure our clients pay only for the data that is automated. Most businesses rely on page- and/or field-based pricing models for their document processing automation, which means that they pay their vendors no matter what quality of results are delivered. Our success-based pricing is for enterprises with the strategic imperative to reduce operational overhead while maintaining data quality. We back our superior automation with an equally innovative pricing model that is the ultimate ‘put your money where your mouth is’ approach.

Parascript success-based pricing goes against prevailing industry assumptions since we assume the risk. Our team of data scientists and document processing experts are laser-focused on how best to leverage our automation to meet the specific challenges of each client so we’re confident in our innovative pricing and our clients are benefiting from it.


Gone are the days when you need to pay for data that still has to undergo manual verification or correction. You used to have to pay for all processed images or documents:

With Parascript, for document types such as checks, receipts, invoices and claims that are already tuned and measured, you simply select the accuracy threshold required for the data and then only pay for the data that automatically passes through the system. For documents that are not tuned, Parascript works with you to configure the document types and measure the accuracy of the data results. We provide greater automation with more built-in data quality and it’s highly cost-effective since you pay only for the data automation.



Parascript also offers our classic pricing models that are based on page or field volumes. Volume-based pricing is available as a term license or perpetual license where applicable. For larger OEM customers, Parascript also provides customized approaches that support specific business requirements.

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