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What Does “Template-Less” Really Mean and Is It Important? | Part 2: Template-Less Is Meaning-Less

Last week I started a conversation on what template-less means and where it came from. There’s a lot of hype around IDP and the ability to address document automation without requiring the creation of templates that dictate exactly where needed data is found on a page. The reality is that templates if applied correctly, provide […]

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What Does “Template-Less” Really Mean and Is It Important? | Part 1

Within IDP vendor marketing, if the use of “machine learning” or “artificial intelligence” take the top two spots, coming in a quick 3rd has to be the term “template-less”. The main gist that this use is meant to convey is that organizations shouldn’t have to spend time laying out the various data fields they need […]

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ai process

Does a Highly Efficient Process Always Require AI?

Everyone talks about AI (and more appropriately machine learning) as being the silver bullet to the challenge of achieving highly efficient business processes. And on the surface, the excitement and perspectives appear appropriate. After all, machine learning has the ability to see things in data that humans might never notice and automatically perform tasks with […]

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Machine learning

Are You Ready for Intelligent Document Processing? | Part 2: The Rise of Machine Learning

How can IDP software simultaneously push through both the complexity barrier and expand to more complex documents? Machine Learning, that’s how. Now, I won’t ever make the claim that machine learning is a magical silver bullet, but when it comes to the chore of crunching large amounts of data to identify patterns and optimal solutions, […]

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big data processing

Are You Ready for Intelligent Document Processing? | Part 1

Don’t call it “OCR” anymore. Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) or what analyst firm Deep Analysis calls “cognitive capture” is something well beyond the traditional approach of applying brute force OCR on documents in order to create searchable content. In fact, increasing OCR is not needed at all with more and more documents born digital. All […]

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Ability to learn and improve with Parascript Smart Learning

Intelligent Document Processing: Pre-trained vs. User-trained

Quick, which animal is smarter?  If you selected the newborn baby. you’re right! And if you selected the newborn Gazelle, you’re right!  Ok, both assertions cannot possibly be correct…can they? After all. the human will ultimately be able to communicate and do things that the Gazelle could never do. But the Gazelle, as a newborn, […]

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