Anyone can easily configure and add the Parascript FormsBot.AI in minutes to process both text and handwriting on forms

Imagine adding unstructured forms data to your Automation 360 processes in as little as 5 minutes. That’s all it takes using the Parascript FormsBot.AI, our deep learning-based forms processing bot.

Taking a single sample, anyone can define the specific data they wish to extract using the FormsBot.AI Designer.

Testing and viewing results is just as easy with each form displayed along with the resulting answers — your quality data extracted — right on the image. There is no need to move back-and-forth. Simply draw and name your fields, test and deploy. That’s all there is to it.

Parascript’s industry-leading handwriting recognition is included in the FormsBot.AI.

There is no need to spend time adding complex parameters, vocabularies or regular expressions.

The software also easily distinguishes between text and handwritten data types; there is no need to determine and define the type beforehand.

If your organization needs to process forms-based data within your Automation 360 workflows, the Parascript FormsBot.AI is your answer.

FormsBot.AI for RPA Automation Anywhere

Parascript FormsBot.AI for Forms Processing - handwriting & text

Parascript Intelligent Document Processing powered by Smart Learning aids RPA automated processes through the conversion of complex document-based information into structured data.

Customers can easily train and deploy skills to perform a variety of document-oriented tasks including location and verification of signatures and long passages of handwritten information.

Once trained, skills are contained in portable files that are easy to distribute and deploy.

Add the simple-to-use forms processing capability with Parascript FormsBot.AI for Automation Anywhere 360

Defining form fields in FormsBot.AI Design Mode prior to processing

FormsBot.AI Design Mode

Results following FormsBot.AI processing

quality forms processing

Easy-to-Use FormsBot.AI

Check Out How to Use FormsBot.AI Designer in a Few Simple Steps

Parascript FormsBot.AI for Automation Anywhere makes automating your form processing easy. Check out the different possibilities within the easy FormsBot.AI Designer.

Watch the Overview

How to Install and Configure

Parascript FormsBot.AI for Automation Anywhere is easy to install and configure. Learn everything you need to in this 2-minute video. Using the Automation Anywhere RPA platform with Parascript FormsBot.AI, customers can accelerate their digital transformation through the automation of repetitive front and back-office business processes — easily accessing key form data that is text or handwritten — ultimately freeing employees to focus on more innovative, higher-value work.