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Address Recognition on Parcels of all Shapes, Sizes and Types


Address Recognition on Parcels of all Shapes, Sizes and Types

AddressParcel® incorporates advanced OCR and ICR technology that enables postal and shipping agencies to process higher volumes of parcel addresses more effectively. AddressParcel locates and recognizes destination addresses on packages with the highest read rates available in the industry. The technology automatically reads both machine printed and handwritten addresses, eliminating the need to combine multiple recognition technologies.

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Specialized Address Location Technology

Finds and differentiates address blocks and labels using advanced image processing with highly tuned region-of-interest location and identifies missing addresses.

AddressParcel OVERVIEW:


Address Validation

Validates addresses in real time against postal databases for superior address recognition accuracy and improved parcel deliverability.


Adaptation Flexibility

Adapts to a variety of mail applications because it automatically captures all address information that includes city, state, zip code, P.O. Box, street number, street name and apartment number.



Keying Efficiency

Manual keying is optimized with a robust Video Coding System (VCS) developed over years of experience in high-volume mail automation.

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