Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Parascript IDP enables RPA: use machine learning to create your own skills or use pre-trained skills. Parascript’s self-learning document-focused platform, called Smart Learning, puts the power of a team of data scientists and machine learning experts in your hands.

Smart Learning enables you to easily train and deploy skills to perform a variety of document-oriented tasks. Once trained, skills are contained in portable files that are easy to distribute and deploy.

Train Skills for Specific Projects or Create Skills

Train skills for specific projects or create generic skills that can be used universally. There is no need to deal with skill optimization and no need to manage confidence scores and thresholds. Smart Learning curates background data, analyzes it to ensure validity, and will automatically adjust parameters to optimize data output. Smart Learning-based skills continue to adapt and improve once in production.

Broadest Document and Data Type Support

Smart Learning provides the broadest document and data type support in the industry. From forms to unstructured documents that contain text, handwriting, cursive, stamps, signatures, and other complex data, Smart Learning automates a wide variety of tasks. Smart Learning is available as an SDK and supports tight integrations using an extensive run-time API. Add the most reliable and capable intelligent document processing to your solutions.

Advanced Handwriting Recognition

Enable your Robotic Process Automation to classify, locate, extract and verify handwritten data including cursive regardless of whether it is on a structured form or completely unstructured such as patient correspondence. With Parascript Intelligent Document Processing, achieve the highest accuracy levels in the industry today and gain true straight through processing for your handwritten documents.

Moving Beyond OCR and ICR to Enable RPA

Parascript self-learning document automation moves beyond OCR and ICR software capabilities so you process structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents—including handwritten data—from mobile, fax, fileshare, email, scanners and more in a single workflow. It’s single stream, straight-through processing no matter what your documents. With Parascript Smart Learning automated document mapping and self-learning software, you get to focus on your data analysis and no longer have to spend time configuring the system.

The Parascript Paradigm

Parascript Intelligent Document Processing enables RPA, solving the cost and complexity challenges of today’s industry recognition solutions. Our software automatically:

  • Configures itself and adapts to changing streams of documents
  • Measures and improves system performance
  • Completes tasks without the typical time and expense of professional services
  • Analyzes documents through self-learning from your tagged samples
  • Creates a document map in one click
  • Collects background data during operations and uses it to measure and improve performance with no change to existing workflows

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