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Parascript is a leading developer of applied machine learning to process image-based and document-based information. We draw from a long history of utilizing and combining the latest techniques within artificial intelligence to provide optimal accuracy and data quality.

Parascript technologies are based upon a unique combination of artificial intelligence engines, multiple machine learning technologies, and sophisticated voting algorithms. As a result of its recognition technology leadership, leading OEMs that provide solutions to Fortune 500 companies, major government agencies, and businesses and organizations worldwide incorporate Parascript software.

Parascript Consulting for AI Services

Consulting for AI Applications

Parascript offers its computer vision and machine learning expertise as a service to consult on various applications for a broad range of uses. Examples of projects include:

  • Dynamic data location and extraction of information on complex documents.
  • Visual feature extraction of scanned and electronic documents supporting repository consolidation and information governance.
  • Region of interest location for parcels and flats to support post automation
  • Automated indicia location to support verification of official marks for information governance.
  • Image comparison to support check fraud applications.
  • Feature extraction and classification to support medical imaging diagnostics.
  • Application of predictive models to identify at-risk patients based upon claims and provider data.
  • Mobile capture of documents to support automated data entry.
  • Object detection and analysis within video frames.

Core Platform

At the heart of every project is the same production-hardened universal core machine learning technology that allows for quicker implementation without the risks associated with completely custom-developed software. The technology also supports tuning enablement based upon automatically trainable classifiers.

Since every business need is different, our technology can be trained to meet the exacting and specific needs of each client.


To ensure the success of your project, Parascript implements an innovative approach to technology management and implementation that includes an established project management framework and solution development process.

We begin by examining a representative sample set and real outcomes to identify key features that can be modeled within the software platform. From there, we work with your SubjectMatter Experts (SMEs) to tune the models toy our exact specifications and then work with your team to integrate the models into your environment.

Data Management

Image and data recognition requires sample datasets in order to perform the initial analysis and to train the system. Training ensures that the technology has the optimal starting point in terms of both accuracy and low error rates. Parascript maintains a full data preparation center dedicated to the analysis of samples to create “truth data” used to train the system. We also aid with the acquisition or generation of sample data in cases where limited samples are available.