Easy Button with Deep Learning

IDP: No Easy Button, But We’re Getting Closer – Part 2

Find out about Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) strategies and shortcuts for what amount of data is satisfactory and how to get there.

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How to Ensure Compliance with Parascript Software

How Compliance Automation Can Help Your Top Line

Compliance costs have skyrocketed both for the finance industry and for insurance. Automation offers new possibilities in efficiency and savings.

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Parascript IDP with Deep Learning

No Easy Button, But We Are Getting Closer

There’s no easy button for intelligent document processing, but we are getting closer with the use of deep learning. Find out how.

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Handwriting Recognition: we all have our own font!

Handwriting Recognition: What’s Changed and What’s Possible Now

Key developments in handwriting recognition are discussed here. This includes handwriting recognition innovations and their importance today.

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Is Your IDP PoC Futureproof?

Is Your IDP Proof of Concept Foolproof?

Acquiring automation solutions often means conducting a Proof of Concept or evaluation because technology solutions are often too complex to assess simply by comparing a list of features. Find out how to conduct a successful PoC here.

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straight through claims processing with Parascript

Why Health Insurers Desperately Need Straight Through Claims Processing

Insurers dramatically improve time-to-payment for claims by a Straight Through Processing system powered by IDP software. Find out how here.

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Input Data Is Gold

With Software-defined IDP, Is Gathering Input Data Really A Problem?

Now that Software-defined Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is here, is gathering input data really that big of a problem? Find out here.

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Software-defined Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

The Age of Software-defined Intelligent Document Processing

The age of software-defined Intelligent Document Processing is here. Find out what this means for your organization.

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Intelligent Document Processing with STP

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP): I’ve got a dirty little secret

Here’s a dirty, little secret about IDP software vendor claims and how to truly automate document-oriented tasks.

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RPA Using Intelligent Capture

Document-driven RPA Requires Best Possible IDP Solution

RPA adopters eager to expand RPA to automate more complex tasks requiring humans to open and read documents are looking to intelligent document processing.

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Handwriting Recognition with Deep Learning - AI

Art of Handwriting Recognition in Intelligent Document Processing

The Art of Handwriting Recognition in Intelligent Document Processing defines what both handwriting recognition and ICR mean and how to apply them.

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Automation and Compliance in the Age of Machine Learning

Automation and Compliance in the Age of Machine Learning | Banking Automation

When 30% of banking institutions face data quality problems and must comply with stringent regulations, streamlining workflows is a necessity. Find out more.

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Why are we fighting coronavirus with 19th century tech?

Why Are We Fighting Coronavirus with 19th Century Technology?

Using yesterday’s technology to fight coronavirus, the biggest public health emergency in our lifetime, exposes astonishing gaps in digital transformation.

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Vote-By-Mail using ASV in USA

How to Help Ensure Your Vote-By-Mail Counts

Enquiring minds have moved beyond the FUD factor & now want to know: how exactly does Vote-By-Mail work, & how does the process prevent fraud? Find out here.

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Insurance Industry Automation with Parascript

Top Research Firm Calls Out Insurance Industry

Due to uncertainty and accelerated claims, the insurance industry needs to create new operational efficiencies to improve wafer-thin margins. Find out how.

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