Advanced Capture Is Unlike CRM

Advanced Capture Unlike CRM: Comparing Apples and Oranges

Advanced Capture is unlike CRM so why use the same approach when evaluating solutions. Here's a guide to evaluating your next advanced capture solution.
2019 Predictions: 3 Trends Will Shape Automation

2019 Predictions: Three Trends Will Shape Automation

Here is our assessment last year's predictions and our tee-up of 2019 predictions and trends that will shape automation and capture this year.
Research Shows Trend to Shift to Outcome-based Pricing in Automation

Research Shows Trend to Flip Automation Pricing Model

Research shows trend to flip pricing model for automation from lift and shift to outcome-based pricing, particularly in document automation.
MIndset Shift Necessary for Success in Advanced Capture

Mindset Shift Necessary for Success: Advanced Capture

A mindset shift in advanced capture is necessary for success--find out how the end of feature wars and zero configuration are important to management.
AI Combats Voter Fraud

Artificial Intelligence Combats Voter Fraud | Signature Verification

Artificial intelligence (AI) combats voter fraud via new avenues. Signature verification automation powered by AI offers new levels of accuracy and speed.
Machine Learning: New Focus & What's Shaping Capture

Machine Learning: New Focus and What’s Shaping Capture

Machine learning forces a significant shift in how software solutions are evaluated, compared and acquired. Discover the latest in AI for advanced capture.
Digital Transformation spurs New Industrial Revolution

Digital Transformation Spurs the Next Industrial Revolution

Digital transformation spurs next industrial revolution: is your enterprise ready? AI and process automation innovations change how we live and work.
Advanced Capture: The Awareness Issue

Advanced Capture: The Awareness Issue

Advanced capture awareness issue is single biggest constraint to new technology adoption and there's ways to overcome that constraint. Find out how here.
Deep Learning: Practical Applications for Advanced Capture

Deep Learning: Practical Applications for Advanced Capture

The practical applications of Deep Learning and its impact on document automation promises to accelerate change in business processes. Find out how here.