CheckStock® protects against check forgeries by verifying all pre-printed stock objects on business and personal checks and Image Replacement Documents (IRDs). It identifies counterfeit checks by inspecting pre-printed objects individually for instant comparison against reference check stock and detects even the most sophisticated forgeries. It also evaluates the size of the documents and the distances and complex relationships between different check stock components.


Validates Check Stock Objects

Combines multiple methods to automatically locate and compare images of preprinted objects – headers of blocks that include check number, date, payee, dollar sign, memo, payor block, payor bank and compares the items to corresponding blocks on reference check stock.

Analyzes Multiple Components

Analyzes check block content components that include content font type, font size, font spacing and the placement of each block and relative distances between sets or pairs of blocks.

Real-life Image Tolerance

Compares images scanned on different transports with different resolutions and verifies checks that contain distortions such as noise, stamps, marks, inscriptions and others.

Diverse Output Options

Issues a global confidence value on a per check and per block basis to determine how checks match. It assesses counterfeit probability to help regulate the percentage of false positives versus false negatives.

Check and Signature Fraud Prevention

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