CheckwashAlert.AI® provides a robust defense against a common tactic in fraudulent deposit schemes by detecting alterations to payee names and amount fields on business checks, personal checks, and Image Replacement Documents (IRDs). It utilizes innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to scrutinize handwriting patterns and styles on presented checks, comparing them against one or multiple authentic samples of handwriting from checks or other documents to identify anomalies indicative of check washing. Results of the analysis are provided individually for the analyzed fields, as well as in the form of an aggregated result of text style comparison for the entire document presented for verification.

Signing a check

Validates Handwriting on Checks

CheckwashAlert.AI® utilizes multiple options for handwriting reference sources. Use authentic samples of handwriting from other documents or document snippets in the case of a fully washed check. Alternatively, partially washed checks can compare handwriting from the memo line, date, CAR, and signature as a reference source.

Analyze Multiple Fields

Analyzes handwritten blocks of content individually or as a group. Check washing scams often involve changing payee names and amounts on checks. CheckWashAlert.AI provides multiple analysis options for a variety of check washing schemes.

Patent Pending Cutting-Edge Technology

With a portfolio of over 20 patents, Parascript continues to innovate to protect customer assets.

Parascript’s check fraud prevention solutions help identify and prevent check fraud for banks and financial institutions at the teller, ATM, RDC, and inter-bank.

Diverse Analysis Output

Assigns a global confidence value for each handwritten block and aggregates a full check confidence results to evaluate the similarity of handwriting. It gauges the likelihood of counterfeiting to maintain a balance between the percentage of false positives and false negatives.

Check and Signature Fraud Prevention

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