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Automated Signature Verification for Vote-By-Mail

The most common method employed to ensure that each vote is legitimate is the use of signature match or review whereby each signature on a submitted ballot is compared with signatures on voter records to determine authenticity. In the majority of elections that use vote-by-mail or absentee ballots, signatures are reviewed manually. This causes problems not only in the time and resources required, but also with the ability to reliably compare signatures due to staff who are not always comprehensively trained and with claims that the verification process can be politically manipulated.

Automated Signature Verification (ASV) provides a solution to this problem. Parascript ASV machine learning-based software takes one or more reference signatures from voter records and compares them with the signature on the ballot to determine authenticity. The process takes less than a second for each ballot. It also produces results that are not only more reliable than results achieved with even well-trained staff, but are consistent and tamper-proof. Even if signatures look different due to changes over time, the software can adapt – looking at key, proven, hard-to-detect characteristics.

SignatureXpert for Vote By Mail

Parascript SignatureXpert for Vote-By-Mail

SignatureXpert is Parascript’s award-winning software that uses a number of machine learning techniques to provide the industry’s highest level of accuracy when it comes to automating the complex process of signature verification for elections. SignatureXpert can identify when a signature is authentic even if there is significant variation between signatures on a ballot and those in a voter registration database. Our software allows for the most comprehensive and intelligent analysis of signature characteristics while taking into consideration the random variations that occur in signatures to ensure reliable results.

Petition Form

Petition Automation

Parascript provides data extraction, address validation and signature identification and authentication on petitions including hand-printed data. The software can count the number of entries, extract the name information and validate the associated address against voter record data. As an additional guard against petition fraud, Parascript software automatically identifies the existence of a signature and then checks it against voter signature data.

Current Innovations in Automated Signature Verification

Parascript Announces New Automated Signature Verification for Vote-By-Mail

Parascript announces vote-by-mail systems incorporate automatic ballot processing that includes verifying signatures in fractions of a second.

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