Parascript FormXtra.AI Smart Learning dramatically simplifies initial and ongoing configuration and maintenance. Our document automation technology automatically learns how to classify and separate documents as well as locate, extract and validate any type of information from your documents. This includes machine print, table data, images (such as logos and signatures) and all forms of handwriting—constrained and unconstrained hand-print and cursive. This high performance software uses a self-learning system that automatically configures rules and learns by itself in order to improve performance. Parascript Smart Learning software currently process over 100 billion documents per year. These documents include:

  • Checks
  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Remittances
  • Forms
  • Mail (letters and parcels)
  • Other documents with variable content and format

Advanced Capture Software | Intelligent Document Recognition

Maintaining ongoing system performance in dynamic production environments becomes straightforward because FormXtra.AI adapts to changing streams of documents in the background while documents are processed in a completely unattended fashion. The software automatically collects background production data and curates a representative sample set to ensure that analysis and updates maintain and even improve system performance. The system can even automatically adjust output data based upon your accuracy needs to enable real unattended automation.

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All Data Types, Any Document Format

Recognizes machine print (OCR), all forms of handwriting (constrained and unconstrained handprint and cursive or ICR), optical marks and bar codes within the same user application to process any document format, as well as forms and field-based data.

Streamlined Functionality

Delivers built-in testing with immediate results. FormXtra.AI SDK Smart Learning takes your tagged production samples and automatically configures image perfection, document classification and data extraction reducing months of manual effort to minutes.

Complete API Access

Deeply embed FormXtra.AI with a highly flexible .NET API, and extend with .NET-based scripting to provide advanced, granular control.

Advanced Classification

Identifies different document types and individual document boundaries within a batch, regardless of order and without the need for separator pages or barcodes. FormXtra.AI dramatically simplifies batch processing of mixed documents such as those that form a business transaction such as a mortgage application that requires additional documents.

Dynamic Signature Location, Verification and Matching

Locate signatures on documents and verifies them against a reference signature database. Extract these signatures for creation of a signature database (i.e., on account applications). Supports legal, mortgage, healthcare, vote by mail and other compliance-based applications, such as Know Your Customer (KYC).

SharePoint Integration

Adds flexible, easy-to-use forms and document recognition for SharePoint. Supports everything from basic document capture all the way to sophisticated dynamic forms capture with support for handwritten information.

Web Services

Supports integrations with other applications by either SOAP or REST services. The Web Service can automatically process incoming image streams for any document class stored within FormXtra.AI and return results over any supported SOAP compatible communication protocol.

Core Engine Powering Capture

Parascript FormXtra.AI SDK is the core document automation engine that powers FormXtra.AI Capture. It supports the widest range of document and data types in the market from structured forms to unstructured documents that include text, handwriting, cursive, and signatures. All configurations are managed by Smart Learning which significantly reduces cost and complexity associated with initial and ongoing configuration and tuning. FormXtra.AI SDK support both tightly-coupled integrations using .NET APIs as well as service-based integrations supporting both REST and SOAP.