Parascript Partner of the Year Automation Anywhere

Parascript Named Partner of the Year by Automation Anywhere

Parascript announces that it has won the Automation Anywhere Partner of the Year for Technology Alliances in IMEA.

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Zinnov Rates Parascript in the Leadership Zone for AI/ML capabilities

Zinnov Rates Parascript in the Leadership Zone of its latest Hyper Intelligent Automation Ratings

Due to Parascript’s advanced AI/ML capabilities through Parascript Smart Learning, Zinnov rated Parascript in the Leadership zone of its latest HIA ratings.

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2021 KMWorld 100 Companies: Parascript

Parascript Earns KMWorld Recognition for Knowledge Management

KMWorld honors Parascript in 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management for sixth consecutive year.

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Parascript reimagines document automation with FormXtra.AI 8.0

Parascript Reimagines Document Processing Automation with FormXtra.AI 8.0

Parascript FormXtra.AI 8.0 helps future-proof the insurance and financial services of tomorrow with intelligent document processing automation.

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machine learning using Parascript and SFORCE

Parascript and SFORCE Partner to Leverage Machine Learning

Parascript and SFORCE partner to leverage machine learning, eliminating barriers to automation and accelerating quality document processing.

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EnterpriseTechSuccess Insurtech Top 20 Solution Providers

Insurtech Top 20 Solution Providers: Parascript

EnterpriseTechSuccess names Parascript in Insurtech Top 20 Solutions Providers. Parascript modernizes document processing through machine learning automation.

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NTT DATA and Parascript Partner

Parascript to Deliver Adaptive, Intelligent Automation with NTT DATA Services

Parascript provides advancement to NTT DATA’s complex, document-based business processes by providing immediate access to structured data for improved efficiency, quality and customer experience.

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Parascript deep learning-based CheckXpert.AI 2.0 expands functionality for the finance industry

Parascript Releases CheckXpert.AI 2.0, Bringing Deep Learning to Check Automation

Parascript deep-learning-based CheckXpert.AI 2.0 expands functionality for the finance industry, reading checks at better than human accuracy and speed.

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iQ Credit Union Automates with Parascript

iQ Credit Union Improves Services with Parascript Automation

Parascript has been selected and implemented as part of iQ Credit Union’s ongoing commitment to deliver rapid, accurate service. iQ Credit Union has seen a “tremendous increase in accuracy combined with a significant reduction in tellers having to make corrections.”

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Aerow partners with Parascript to Offer Easy-to-use Document Automation

Aerow partners with Parascript to Offer Easy-to-Use, Accurate Document Recognition

Aerow partners with Parascript to offer easy-to-use, accurate document recognition amid rising demand for automation.

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Parascript & Power Imaging Partner to Bring Document Processing Innovation to Brazil

Parascript and Power Imaging Partner to Further Document Processing Innovation in Brazil

Parascript and Power Imaging partner to further innovation in document process automation in Brazil including handwriting recognition and signature verification.

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Handwriting Recognition Using FieldXpert.AI

Parascript Rolls Out FieldXpert.AI for Enhanced RPA Handwriting Recognition

Parascript rolls out FieldXpert.AI for enhanced Robotic Process Automation handwriting recognition, field-level recognition of handwriting in RPA.

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