Parascript’s InMailRouter® enables companies to significantly improve the speed and accuracy of their mail processing and reduce data entry costs.

Address Location, Recognition and Verification

It automatically reads and sorts all types of incoming mail, including letters and postcards, helping business significantly reduce inefficient, labor-intensive mail flow. Facilities that range from high-volume postal mail processing centers to mailrooms of large corporate organizations benefit from this technology.

Automatically locates and recognizes addresses on envelopes or labels, regardless of position of the text on the document. It captures all address information and any variations to increase system performance. It performs in-context recognition and data cross-validation against a user’s database to deliver high read rates and accuracy for addresses that are machine text, hand printed and cursive handwriting.

Mail and shipping processing

Optimization Tools

Includes optimization tools for users to add additional information about custom addresses for increased accuracy (e.g. field prefix list, dictionaries, aliases).

Shipping Connections

Flexible Configuration

Enables users to easily adapt their custom requirements and applications, including international address sorting applications.