In today’s world where high levels of document automation are expected and required, using old rules-based methods (such as keywords and regular expressions) or the brute-force use of newer capabilities (such as DeepLearning) just can’t deliver the levels of reliability, accuracy, and adaptability that organizations need.

Parascript Smart Learning is different. Smart Learning is machine learning for documents that works, and it enables true unattended automation for your complex business data.

Intelligent Document Processing Options

Rules-based approaches work well when there are only a few types of documents involved or where there is little variance in the variety of layouts. However, for most modern applications, the rules are just too brittle because there are many types of documents with a large variety of layouts. So what about Deep Learning-based software?

Deep Learning neural networks deliver astounding results and have created a lot of enthusiasm. The catch is that these technologies are hungry for data, often requiring millions of samples to achieve even the results of rules-based alternatives.

Most organizations don’t have enough data to achieve good results. Cloud-based offerings trained on millions of samples are great if you need exactly what they provide with no changes so special automation needs often go unmet.

Parascript Smart Learning software is different. The software is designed to put the power of an army of data scientists and machine learning experts in your hands to train and deploy a variety of document automation skills with the least amount of hassle. It combines a number of different machine learning techniques—including deep learning networks—each carefully selected to solve a specific task. Our software is already pre-trained on a variety of document features that result in a significant reduction in the number of training samples required to achieve remarkable results.

The result: high-quality, tuned configurations with a fraction of the effort and time required by any other solution. These configurations achieve high rates of unattended automation in only hours of computing time versus the weeks and months of manual configuration and testing required of alternatives. Parascript Smart Learning software is easily incorporated into your automation projects to enable efficient access to document-based information.

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Enhance Your Advanced Capture with Smart Learning

Parascript Cognitive Computing Brain

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, or cognitive computing—no matter what specific terms are used, they all point to the same objective—to automate and improve our organizations by processing enormous amounts of data and learning from that data.

Machine learning tools are neither inherently intelligent nor do they learn without the expertise of humans knowledgeable about how machine learning algorithms work and how to properly train them. Without significant effort, our digital assistants are useless.

When it comes to business applications, machine learning capabilities require significant guidance in order to produce the quality outcomes that we have come to expect. Our domain of machine learning is based upon many algorithms. In fact, it incorporates more than 30 different types and varieties of learning, each with strengths and weaknesses. Machine learning only provides benefits when applied in a specific way to a specific business problem. Also, machine learning is sensitive to the right input data. Just like humans, machines can learn incorrectly on faulty data.

The need for extensive expertise to understand which machine learning algorithms must be employed for a given task and how to manage the significant input data challenge is essential. This is the reason Parascript created SmartLearning.

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Smart Learning beyond OCR & ICR software

Smart Learning is comprised of multiple different machine learning techniques specifically chosen to solve a component of document automation and take advantage of the strengths of each technique. These capabilities are synthesized into a single document automation application that is imbued with knowledge of documents of all types so that the typical data input requirements are significantly less than offerings based upon deep learning or other technologies.

The same learning capabilities used to create the initial configuration continually monitor production data to collect and curate a high-quality sample set to adapt and improve without any manual intervention.

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Parascript Smart Learning
Intelligent Document Processing

We live in a data-driven world that often requires automation for organizations to be successful. Parascript Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) enables Robotic Process Automation to ensure efficiency, accuracy, and rapid data access. Smart Learning software automatically:

  • Configures itself and adapts to changing streams of documents.
  • Measures and improves system performance.
  • Completes tasks without the typical time and expense of professional services.
  • Analyzes documents through self-learning from your tagged samples.
  • Creates a document map in one click.
  • Collects background data during operations and uses it to measure and improve performance with no change to existing workflows.