Signature Fraud Detection

SignatureXpert.AI® provides signature verification for unprecedented accuracy. It enables signature authentication in applications including check processing, loan origination, voting by mail, petitions and countless other uses where it is crucial to detect signature fraud. SignatureXpert.AI provides the highest degree of accuracy for any document type that requires signature validation.

Signature Analysis

Signature Analysis

SignatureXpert.AI’s advanced functionality combines multiple verifiers to analyze dozens of signature features and can use multiple references to differentiate between natural anomalies and true irregularities that indicate fraud.

Automated Signature Verification Benefits

Background and Noise Elimination

Advanced image preprocessing capabilities ensure a clean image. Backgrounds and all type of noise are eliminated from check images, IRDs, and signature snippets cut from documents with inconsistent layouts.

Diverse Output Options

Uses confidence values as a basis for making decisions about signature genuineness and drawing conclusions about probable fraud type. Set confidence value as a threshold, depending on the specific application.

Complex Signature Styles

Supports American-style signatures, as well as complex European-style signatures, enabling one software package to deliver universal authentication in a single stream.

Automating Signature Verification

What you need to know.

Check and Signature Fraud Prevention

Challenges and Resolutions. A variety of efficient, state-of-the-art fraud prevention solutions are explored here that significantly improve check fraud prevention, reduce risk and help avoid financial losses.


Get all the technical details that you need to consider when evaluating an automated signature verification solution:

  • Does it support multiple reference signatures?
  • Does it perform image preprocessing?
  • Does it locate signatures automatically?

Automated Signature Verification for Vote-By-Mail

Parascript SignatureXpert.AI enables signature authentication for voting by mail where it is crucial to detect signature fraud, providing the highest degree of accuracy.