Mobile receipt signing

SignatureOnline® verifies and detects signature discrepancies through online applications to help businesses and organizations fight signature fraud. The software is highly effective for fraud prevention and is used for workflow automation, document management, and for electronic transactions in banking, financial, health care, retail, government and other sectors.

Multiple Verification Methods

The technology uses multiple methods of verification to analyze the shape, speed, stroke, pen pressure and timing information obtained from the signature and produces an individual analysis. Final results are achieved based on the combined verification of these methods for greater accuracy.

Behavioral Biometric Analysis

SignatureOnline detects all types of signature forgery through behavioral biometrics, ensuring that forgery is detected even when the forger has a copy of the authentic signature.

Ready-to-Use Software

SignatureOnline technology easily integrates into any application that requires an engine for online signature verification and requires no additional training.

Automating Signature Verification

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