Let’s face it, automation of complex document-based processes is hard and risky. It’s why most organizations just do it the old-fashioned way: manual work. But what if you could enjoy high levels of automation without the typical upfront costs and project risks? We provide the world’s most reliable and precise Intelligent Document Processing software as part of our unique end-to-end partnership to help you grow your profitability and stay competitive.

The Accelerator Program

The Parascript Accelerator Program means process automation at little to no upfront cost and no risk to you. We get paid based on achieving automation milestones that translate into proven, verifiable results. Our value is proven prior to payment and software performance can be guaranteed throughout our partnership.

Leverage your technology

Parascript focuses on performance improvement. We can work with your technologies and workflows, leveraging our significant experience using patented technologies to increase performance of your existing software.

Configuration & Tuning

Services for Implementation, configuration, and accuracy tuning down to the field level using statistical sampling are part of the engagement. No staff or budget allocations are necessary.

Parascript Smart Leaning monitors and maintains the performance of the implementation to ensure no degradation of performance over time.

A True Win-Win

The Parascript Accelerator Program is centered around a shared alignment process that provides you with guaranteed cost reductions, which fund the entire program. Simply put, Parascript only gets paid after you realize real cost reductions.

Immediate Return on Investment (ROI)

Most document automation adoption takes 6-18 months for ROI with the software performance often degrading over time. However, our clients experience immediate and sustainable cost savings through a combination of our data analytics services and Smart Learning.

Parascript eliminates the burden of document analysis, training data preparation, automation design, and accuracy verification, ensuring that the end result is optimized high-quality data extraction for you.

Unparalleled Expertise

In addition to the unique win-win approach of the program, Parascript is uniquely equipped with the experience and skills necessary to improve your operating margins.

From large-scale projects where Parascript has reduced annual costs by over a billion dollars to support some of the largest financial institutions in the world with check processing saving tens of millions of dollars annually, Parascript brings its in-depth technical knowledge combined with process experience to meet the most complex document processing challenges.

Project Start

Upon project start, the Parascript team takes on the role of project management, analysis, and development of the proof of concept and evaluation report so that you continue operations as usual.

The result is a coordinated, compact, and precise project. Upon completion, the client reviews the results and can implement optimized or new technologies with the full support of the Parascript team.