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Mortgage Automation that Actually Works

We achieve a 50% better level of mortgage document automation with seven times (7x) the throughput over the leading solution. Parascript achieves this level of automation at about 1/100th of the cost and effort.

Parascript has been achieving high levels of “touchless automation” for over 25 years. Just ask the world’s leading banks, insurers and government agencies who have partnered with Parascript to achieve automation that reaches the highest levels of straight through processing. This means that the majority of data gets processed and never has to be reviewed. The systems can intelligently discern between good data and data that genuinely requires review. The results are improved throughput and lower costs, with greater adaptability, accuracy and certainty.

Ensure faster processes with fewer errors using software that learns your data & requirements

Most solutions for automating the process of mortgage document classification, separation and data extraction are based on legacy technology that hasn’t kept up with the promise of modern advancements including deep learning. This means a tremendous amount of work is required to configure and maintain systems to achieve relatively low amounts of automation. And you’re probably keeping staff swamped just verifying all the output. When changes are needed due to new business or regulatory requirements, it often takes a significant amount of effort to make them. If you need to work with information on supporting documents, such as detection and verification of notary stamps, signatures and initials, the process is typically manual. Against a backdrop of increasing customer demand with expectations of quicker response times and processes, the problem just won’t go away.

Parascript Smart Learning offers highly adaptive, reliable automation without the typical cost and complexity. Our software automatically learns from your data how to perform tasks at accuracy rates that surpass human performance without the hundreds of hours of expense to get it up-and-running. Smart Learning is a document-focused learning platform that combines decades of document and image expertise of our R&D group with the latest in machine learning technologies to deliver high levels of reliable automation without the need to write a single line of code and without the need to have trained staff. Discreet machine learning algorithms, tuned to solve specific tasks, are expertly applied to solve the widest range of automation tasks. The result is a significantly faster time to live. The system auto-configures and runs without the need for supervision.

Mortgage Automation for Document Classification, Data Location, Extraction & Validation

Parascript offers the best mortgage automation software built for enterprises that have high-volume, complex mortgage document processing needs.

Dynamic Classification

Automatically organize your documents to support compliance, discovery and data management.


FormXtra.AI Smart Learning, auto-configuration software delivers the highest accuracy and straight through processing.

Data Extraction

Capture data from anywhere on the document, eliminating manual data entry and reducing costs.