FormXtra.AI Capture is an easy-to-use document classification, data location, extraction and validation solution that uses Smart Learning (i.e., powered by machine learning) to reduce upfront and ongoing configuration to minutes instead of months. FormXtra.AI significantly reduces the complexity and costs associated with document classification and data extraction by automatically configuring image perfection, classification and data extraction rules.

Once in production, this self-learning capture system also constantly learns by itself to improve performance. Maintaining ongoing system performance in dynamic production environments becomes effortless because automated sample curation and production Smart Learning enables FormXtra.AI Capture to adapt to new changing streams of documents in the background while documents are processed without any danger of performance degradation.

FormXtra AI

All Data Types, Any Document Format

Recognizes machine print (OCR), all forms of handwriting—constrained and unconstrained handprint and cursive handwriting (ICR), optical marks and barcodes within the same user application and without complex rules or add-ons. It processes any document type—forms, checks, invoices, remittances, mail, and documents with variable formats and content.

Smart Learning Software

Any Documents. Any Data. Any Source.

FormXtra.AI automatically configures rules and learns by itself to improve performance. Tagged samples from your production processes are all you need to begin. FormXtra.AI monitors, collects and analyzes production results to create a curated sample data set used to adapt and optimize.

Dynamic Document Sorting

Allows identification of document boundaries within a batch, regardless of order and without the use of separator sheets or barcodes. FormXtra.AI dramatically simplifies batch processing of mixed documents such as those that form a business transaction such as a mortgage application that requires additional documents.

Streamlined Functionality

Delivers a streamlined, user-friendly, thin client interface and built-in testing with immediate results that enables users to manage complex workflows, performance monitoring and automation. This eliminates investment in multiple capture products, integrations, complex set up for testing and costly programming.

Data Validation and Security

Creates efficient data validation workflows that are document-centric or field-centric. It allows users to set validation rules ranging from basic to advanced double blind for auditing and correction to ensure the highest data quality. The software enables transaction-based validation of just a single field or a snippet of data within a document to protect the privacy of sensitive information such as social security numbers.

Dynamic Signature Location, Verification and Matching

Locate signatures on documents and verifies them against a reference signature database. Extract these signatures for creation of a signature database (i.e. on account applications). Supports legal, mortgage, healthcare, vote by mail and other compliance-based applications, such as KYC (Know Your Customer).

SharePoint Integration

Adds flexible, easy-to-use forms and document capture for SharePoint. Supports everything from basic document capture all the way to sophisticated dynamic forms capture with support for handwritten information.

REST Services

Enables simple integration with other systems through a series of REST services that allow loose or tight coupling of document automation to other systems.

AIIM Research

Shedding light on the dark data in your document processes.

Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR)

Advanced Technology for increased productivity.