As part of your term license, trained staff will provide guidance on the functionality of our software, integration possibilities, and basic configurations.

Support services are available for software releases based upon specific timeframes, which are intended to provide IT professionals with clear timelines they can trust in order to plan for future needs.

Parascript makes software versions available as major, minor, and maintenance releases in the form of X.Y.Z:

  • X denotes Major
  • Y denotes Minor
  • Z denotes Maintenance

Major Releases include significant functional additions and/or interface changes.

Minor Releases include feature improvements and minor functional additions.

Maintenance Releases are to address defects only.

Software releases go through three phases:

Active Phase
Technical support and defect fixes.

Retirement Phase
Technical support only.

End-of-Support Phase
No support.

Each major release is under the active phase for a minimum of 36 months. A major release will enter a 12-month retirement phase once a new major release is made available and will reach the end-of-support phase upon the end of that period. If the subsequent major release is made available prior to the minimum 36 months, the retirement phase will begin once the 36-month minimum period has been reached.