StampVerify® is an image-based indicia identification and detection system that minimizes accidental or intentional postage misuse. It automatically locates and detects indicia on envelope images including stamps, meter marks, facing identification marks, information-based indicia, and US postal stationary, and returns indicia values to ensure proper postage. StampVerify integrates several technologies into a single product to equip users for the most challenging indicia detection processes.

Automatic Indicia Detection and Verification

Reliably locates zone(s) containing indicia, distinguishes between multiple indicia and determines type even when partially overlapped. Advanced OCR ensures reliable recognition of amount printed.

Indicia Fraud Detection

Automatically detects, locates and validates stamps, then compares each stamp against a database of stamps issued or authorized by postal operators. If it detects that a stamp does not match, the software flags the database as a suspected counterfeit.

Postage Revenue Protection

Reliably reads postage amounts printed in different kinds of indicia. If a stamp does not contain a printed value, the software verifies the stamp value against a database of stamps issued or authorized by postal operators.

Adaption to Country-Specific Requirements

Can easily be tuned and adapted to country-specific indicia types and requirements.

Turning Envelope Data into Actionable Information

Looking Beyond the Envelope

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