There is intelligent document processing and then there is Parascript Smart Learning-based document automation. Whether you need to automate forms of various types, semi-structured documents such as invoices and bills of lading, or complex unstructured documents like insurance policies and mortgage deeds, Parascript has the document automation suite that meets your needs.

Complex Problems, Solved Simply

You want the maximum amount of structured data from your documents, not an endless IT project. And you don’t want to babysit the output just to ensure that data is correct. Attaining high levels of automation shouldn’t cost months of configuration and expensive professional services bills yet that is the reality that most solutions present. And use of out-of-the-box “skills” forces you to fit your processes to those pre-made capabilities.

What if you could create your own document automation skills that are optimized to your own requirements without the aid of trained staff or expensive data scientists?

With Parascript, you identify the data you want, set it and then forget it so you can focus on what really matters.

Performance You Can Count On

It’s one thing to trumpet simplicity and ease of use. It’s quite another to back those claims with performance guarantees. Maximizing the amount of accurate data from your documents is the only goal. Completing a project only to achieve a fraction of your goals is unacceptable.

Parascript data scientists sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to and we will back performance before, during, and after your project. Even Complex Documents and Poor Quality Faxes Can Be Automated.

Most automation projects focus on the easy stuff: structured forms of high quality and standardization. This is because most IDP solutions can’t handle them. From smudgy and distorted faxed claims to handwriting in the margins to complex tables. The most important data you have is still trapped in documents.

Parascript Smart Learning includes powerful proprietary image perfection and machine learning techniques to learn how to solve any problem you can throw at it; all without requiring you to spend precious time becoming an expert. Need to find the crucial information within freeform handwritten comments? No Problem.Want to match and verify signatures across contracts. We’ve got you.

Partner Solutions Showcase

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