Better Than Human Accuracy & Speed

CheckXpert.AI with Better Than Human Accuracy and Speed

Achieve the highest level of performance for real-time payment automation with the power to learn using CheckXpert.AI.

How does 99% data extraction with 99% accuracy sound?

Enable real-time approval of deposits regardless of channel and without the significant costs of manual verification. By leveraging Parascript’s proprietary deep learning algorithms, CheckXpert.AI processes checks in a significantly smarter, more human-like way.

With Parascript CheckXpert.AI’s Smart Learning Lab, you can put the same power of deep learning to work on customer-specific data sets for any country. Using  the  latest  blend  of  machine  learning  approaches, Smart Learning Lab is delivered to the bank site where the software learns on real production  data  without  violating  any  privacy  laws  or  data  access  regulations.  The result is fully trained, high-performance automation software for you to deploy. Smart Learning Lab blends the performance of project-based delivery with the efficiency of commercial software.

Experience true straight through processing. CheckXpert.AI provides the full stream of documents for Proof of Deposit (POD) and Remittance applications.

Benefit from the highest read rates. Parascript CheckXpert.AI offers the industry’s highest recognition rates and accuracy with a dramatic increase in courtesy and legal amount recognition rates. Our solution with its industry-leading performance can reduce the cost of data entry by more than 80% compared to other solutions available on the market today.

Offers exceptional accuracy for MICR line. CheckXpert.AI results are on par with, and often higher than, the results of magnetic readers, for those applications where a magnetic reader is not available.

Smart Learning Lab

CheckXpert.AI Smart Learning Lab blends the best attributes of custom software tailored to your needs with commercial off the shelf quality and efficiency. The result is a product that delivers human-like accuracy with the speed of a machine.