Automatically onboard customers using their smartphones with Parascript software. No manual data entry. No time delay. Leverage fully remote Parascript document processing automation for rapid service and higher customer satisfaction.

Ensure customers submit all necessary documentation using their smartphones with Parascript software. Eliminate the image quality problems that prevent adoption of mobile capture, streamline your operations and speed up your customer onboarding. Get more business faster.

Customer Onboarding – Challenges

Multi-channel digital engagement with consumers continues to accelerate. While businesses, including financial institutions and insurers, have embraced the concept of mobile banking and account access, the ability to accept and use physical documents in the course of both account opening and servicing is still limited.

Entering information on a mobile device or requiring a consumer to visit an office to supply identification or proof of address is fraught with error and risk. It is also a frustrating step for consumers, but it no longer has to be.

Parascript began automating postal services a decade ago. Our technologies process nearly all bank checks. We are white-labeled at top BPOs to process transactional documents such as checks, IDs, invoices and receipts. Parascript has expertise in real-time classification, data location, extraction and verification of transactional documents.





Automated Document Processing

Interactive onboarding and servicing supports consumers submitting the documentation necessary for opening an account via a smartphone or through any other channel. In the background, sophisticated document analysis automatically classifies, sorts, extracts and validates the right information in order to reduce data input requirements, fraud and “transaction friction”.

Customers take photos of their IDs and automatically have their names, driver’s license numbers, and dates of birth input. Additionally, the ID is verified for authenticity. The user can take a photo of their utility bill and automatically have their address verified. For servicing, taking a photo of a new utility bill automatically changes their address as well as providing continued proof of residence.

Documents supported include:

  • Government identification such as driver’s license and passport
  • Paystub and W2 for proof of income
  • Utility bill (e.g. water, electric, cable) for proof of address
  • Bank statement – to support proof for funding requirements

The Parascript Difference

Automated onboarding supports an image captured from any channel and applies, in real-time, image analysis and data extraction on the above-supported documentation and responds back with results of each check to the point of capture. This helps to correct the problem before any subsequent process takes place resulting in an enhanced user experience and dramatically reduced cost and risk.

Parascript offers sophisticated software based upon machine learning technologies to deliver highly-tuned, pre-built, highly-automated capabilities to solution providers to support their offerings in the financial, healthcare and business services markets.