Accenture Automation Strategies

Use our Process Analysis Framework to quickly identify the areas that can immediately benefit from automation with low project risk. The Parascript framework enables Accenture to implement quick wins even in an adverse environment—augmenting staff to meet SLAs. Accenture can now implement automation quickly with less risk.


Parascript Software—powered by Smart Learning—enables solution providers to easily deploy pre-trained skills without limiting performance.

Choose from an array of capabilities including handprint and handwriting recognition, or extract data from invoices, checks, claims and purchase orders with precision and no need to train the software.

Reduce Your Reliance On Manual Processes

With Parascript Smart Learning, you have an army of virtual data scientists and machine learning experts at your disposal. Pre-built capabilities can be extended to the specific requirements of your customers. Easily add data fields and let Smart Learning do the rest.

Parascript software auto-adapts and improves to meet you specific document needs. Parascript software has been providing high-levels of document automation to the largest banks, insurers and medical providers for over two decades. Parascript offers the industry’s best performance and highest throughput without the traditional high costs and complexity.