Check Fraud Prevention with Parascript

How to Defeat the Many Faces of Fraud with AI and Data

Check fraud and other types of fraud pose an ever-present threat. With AI and data, financial institutions catch more check fraud and increase workflow productivity, leading to less exposure. Explore real use cases/best practices here.

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Jack Henry Annual Conference

Jack Henry Annual Conference (JAC)​ and TechConnect​

Don’t miss this banking technology conference that brings together the best and brightest in financial services. Explore emerging business trends, savvy strategies, and innovative solutions to improve your financial services environment. JAC offers educational sessions, training classes, roundtable discussions and product demonstrations. Stop by the Parascript booth to meet the team and see firsthand the latest in payment solutions technology leveraging artificial intelligence.

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DSF 2020

DOCUMENT Strategy Forum 2020

DOCUMENT Strategy Forum (DSF) is the event of the year for professionals who manage content, communications and strategies to support customer experiences, document-based tasks in robotic process automation as well as enterprise digital transformation. Stop by the Parascript booth #104 to meet the Parascript Team and discuss your document automation needs.

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