bulb Q1 products session

Product Releases & Updates | Q1

An exclusive session on recent product releases & updates, including a demo from the brightest and the best team out there where you’ll be able to actually see how we are disrupting the IDP world and what’s to come for the rest of 2022 at Parascript. Releases & Updates FormXtra.AI 8.3 Support for unstructured documents. […]

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Future of Insurance USA 2022

The Future of Insurance USA 2022

On June 14 – 15, our team will be joining Reuters Events at The Future of Insurance USA 2022 to get a chance and meet you in person and talk about how we can take your insurance documentation to the next level using our Intelligent Document Processing software.  Schedule a one-on-one with us by contacting […]

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Product Releases & Updates | Q2

This quarter, Parascript gained multiple new partners including Tangentia, Western Integrated Systems, and Roth Automation. We also released SignatureXpert.AI 2.0, which includes exciting new features. Releases & Updates SignatureXpert.AI 2.0 The version includes multiple new features and enhancements the most important of which are: Ability to verify signatures provided in the form of a trajectory. […]

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