FormXtra.AI for Kofax Capture

FormXtra.AI for Kofax Capture provides an easy way to significantly upgrade your Kofax Capture solution without any changes to your existing technologies or your workflow. FormXtra.AI handles machine print, table data, images such as logos, signatures and all forms of handwriting—constrained and unconstrained handprint and cursive.

FormXtra.AI for Kofax Capture offers enhanced functionality to more accurately classify documents and extract data from your high variance, complex documents. FormXtra.AI reduces exception handling and eliminates manual tasks. Extract data from handwritten forms, locate and protect sensitive data, automate check recognition, locate and verify the signatures in a single stream.

Maximize Your Kofax Investment

With FormXtra.AI for Kofax Capture, use existing document capture workflows to take full advantage of your document classification, image quality control and validation without any changes. FormXtra.AI allows you to maintain your environment while plugging in more advanced functionality.

Easily expand your document capture workflow to include advanced document classification, high variance documents such as invoices and remittances, handwritten forms, check processing and even signature verification.

Real-time adaptability & Zero Configuration

FormXtra.AI for Kofax Capture uses Kofax’s existing batch workflow management. Simply add the fields you want to the document class, and FormXtra.AI and Kofax Capture do the rest. FormXtra.AI automatically configures all classification and extraction rules using Smart Learning, which can significantly reduce configuration and get your improved system in production much faster. Parascript document automation solutions process more than 100 billion documents per year.

Full Spectrum of Data Support

FormXtra.AI for Kofax Capture allows you to automatically pre-process images and extract the full spectrum of document information. This includes machine print (even hard-to-read fonts such as dot matrix), constrained handprint common in structured forms and unconstrained handwriting common in business applications forms. FormXtra.AI also includes options for signature verification and check processing.

Configured to Your Exact Requirements

FormXtra.AI for Kofax Capture comes with a GUI tool that enables you to have control over configurations. Easily create field types and business rules that are used by Kofax during document processing. With FormXtra.AI for Kofax Capture, you can customize the data location and extraction capabilities to suit any need.