Information Management & Governance

Gain a better understanding of your document-based assets to enable information management and governance through automated document identification and metadata extraction.

Document classification and metadata are two fundamental requirements for information management initiatives. Relying on manual processes to develop consistent document classes and descriptions is costly, time consuming and error prone, which poses compliance risks. Parascript offers automated classification and metadata extraction that:

  • Ensures uniformity and consistency reducing the risk in document processing; and
  • Results in improved data management and increased accessibility to important documents.

Key Benefits

Parascript provides key benefits to help ensure successful information governance:

Compliance. Easily and comprehensively scan documents for any type of sensitive information. Once identified, the software can even redact the information.

Discovery. Automate the process of grouping documents and use this information to process an entire volume of documents to support legal or compliance needs.

Migration. Take collections of documents and easily organize, extract, and apply key metadata to simplify and organize documents into a content management system.

Preservation. Keep the important documents. Eliminate the ROT (Redundancy, Obsolete, Trivial) by identifying duplicate or unnecessary documents, and easily removing them.

Discover All Document Assets

Automate the clustering of documents by likeness in much the same way a human would using Parascript software. Documents are automatically grouped by visual elements and/or content to dramatically reduce the amount of work required. Import the volume of documents to be grouped and the software automatically sifts through them, evaluates each document, and places them into logical, consistent groups.

Identify Metadata and Metadata Rules

Automate key data extraction for each document type, metadata that is essential for document management in order to successfully search and retrieve documents, maintain access control and comply with privacy policies. Parascript machine learning generates and updates metadata rules so that data can either be extracted or applied to each document without any need for manual tagging.