Form Process Automation for Document Classification, Data Location, Extraction & Validation

Parascript offers the best intelligent document processing software built for enterprises that have high-volume, complex insurance document processing needs.

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Dynamic Classification

Automatically organize your documents to support compliance, discovery and data management.

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FormXtra.AI Smart Learning, auto-configuration software delivers the highest accuracy and straight through processing.

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Extensive Data Extraction

Capture data from anywhere on the document, eliminating manual data entry and reducing costs.

Digital Insurance: Intelligent Document Processing

Streamline your healthcare document processing and reduce manual tasks – augmenting your workforce – with Parascript automation so that data from claims, EOBs and other forms are all automatically added to your business systems. Parascript software significantly improves data quality results from your forms including drop-out and black-and-white claims recognition while helping you reduce costs and remain compliant with privacy regulations.

Many document-based tasks can be 100% automated with no review. Other tasks are realized through “assistive automation” that enables a reviewer to be much more productive. The result is a more efficient, quicker and controllable process.

  • Enable Customers to Self-Serve

    Enable customers to upload multiple documents at a time and automate the identification of each document instantaneously

  • Locate and Verify Key Data

    Locate and verify key data within each document and automatically populate resulting information into key systems

  • Automate Compliance

    Automate compliance such as locating key unstructured information including important medical details and signatures, adding these results to your system

  • Achieve Higher Performance

    Achieve higher performance, accuracy and automation without the typical investment in time and skills

  • Extract Unstructured Handwriting

    Automatically locates and extracts handwritten keywords

  • Leverage Dynamic Signature Matching

    Locates, verifies & matches signatures

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