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What Is Forms Capture?

Forms Capture is software that supports converting scanned forms into structured data. Typically, Forms Capture software has required the use of templates to define exactly where the form fields are located along with data types.

Form Capture locates, extracts and validates data on forms to automation document processes for business systems. The data extracted by Form Capture can include machine print, table data, images such as logos, signatures and all forms of handwriting—constrained and unconstrained hand-print and cursive.

Today, the most advanced Form Capture leverages machine learning and no longer requires templates, which take time to create and are not dynamic. That is, templates don’t automatically update to accommodate changes in the forms.

Forms can be one page documents or multi-page, complex documents and are often accompanied by additional documentation. Information on these forms can be completed by providing a mark, or fill-in-the-blank with words and numbers written in machine print, handprint, handwriting (including cursive), or a combination of all of these. Additional documentation can include anything from structured documents such as tax forms, checks, and ID, to highly unstructured documents such as correspondence or documents with additional notes. In order for enterprises to take advantage of Form Capture software, it is critical that the software is able to recognize any data type and document types with multiple formats.

Advanced Forms Capture Software

Parascript Forms Capture software captures data types anywhere on the document, reducing manual data entry and significantly reducing costs by at least 50% and often much more. Learn more about Document Automation Software