Training Workshop

Wednesday-Friday, March 18-20, 2015 in Longmont, Colorado

The Parascript Training Workshop to be held Wednesday-Friday, March 18-20, 2015 in Longmont, Colorado, guides participants through the progression of skills and capabilities needed to obtain the maximum return on investment. While in training, participants will gain hands-on experience using Parascript FormXtra Capture through multiple labs and exercises so that they begin to immediately benefit from FXC functionality. An outline of the workshop is provided below (subject to change).

Wednesday, March 18 – Introductions to the Parascript-Partner Team & FormXtra Capture


  • Introductions: Parascript Team and Partner Participants
  • Install FXC on each participant’s laptop – Training Prerequisite: Laptop preloaded with MSQL server


  • Introduction to Form Definition Studio and New Form Definition Creation – Lab 1 Become familiar with the Form Definition Interface
  • Learn about Registration, Document Separation, and Form Definition document layout – Lab 2 Register multiple images from different document types
  • Learn about Fields – Lab 3 Create fixed fields and test these fields

Thursday, March 19 – Dynamic Fields, Address Recognition & Release Configuration Enablement


  • Learn about Dynamic Fields – Lab 4 Create dynamic fields and test these fields
  • Learn about Address Recognition – Lab 5 Create address fields
  • Learn about Release Configuration


  • Learn How to Configure FormXtra Capture Admin and Create a Batch Class
  • Learn How to Import a Form Definition into Batch Class – Lab 6 Create the batch class and import the Form Definition
  • Learn How to Leverage Total Keying – Total Keying includes Manual registration, Field keying and Page keying

Friday, March 20 – Pre-built Form Definitions, SX Integration & Scripting Enablement


  • Learn about Pre-built Form Definitions (receipts, invoices, HCFA, checks) – Lab 7 Customize Form Definitions
  • Learn about SX Integration
  • Learn about Scripting – Lab 8 Create an SX Form Definition (requires scripting)
  • Learn about Scripting at a detailed level
  • Learn about all of the additional Parascript SDKs

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