Parascript Partner Program

Easy. Simple. Right For Your Company.

The Parascript Partner Program is designed with our current and future partners in mind. It was conceived based on programs offered by some of the industry’s best companies, but with the Parascript stamp to make it more simple and easy to manage. It contains more of what partners actually need, without extraneous requirements. Parascript is dedicated to having the best Partner Program in the industry and reasons are products, pricing, people and philosophy.


Parascript products draw from a long history of handprint and cursive recognition technology. We have significantly ramped up our innovative product development. Based on our proprietary artificial intelligence engines, we deliver software that’s always learning. Our products are available as SDKs to integrators and OEMs and as turnkey, standalone solutions for VARs. Some of the largest and most respected companies and government agencies operate their processing environments using Parascript software.


In addition to traditional perpetual software licensing models, we also offer pay-per-click and subscription licensing pricing. Partners like the complete flexibility we provide and clients appreciate the OPEX option. This affordable option enables our partners to sell into the middle market – that huge sweet spot with products and pricing that make these sales realistic. We support these efforts with a contracting process that is transparent, reasonable and not overly complicated.


Our people want to talk to you, online and in person on the phone (or Skype) to ensure that your questions are answered and your needs are met. Our Account Managers give demos, assist on sales calls, supply content or present on webinars and conferences. Our website is constantly updated to provide content including product overviews and technical spec documents, educational white papers, blogs, webinars, and more. We have a partner portal set up on our website just for you. We engage with our community on our social media sites.


Parascript’s philosophy is to focus on our partners and make it easy to do business together. We are channel driven. Our development platforms (SDKs) and solutions are sold through our OEM and VAR partner networks. Our many marketing efforts are designed to provide information and education to attract interest and qualified leads that we pass on to our partners. Our commitment – your success.